I don’t know what my requirements are yet

If you have a problem but don’t really understand your requirements, we can help you come up with a brief that best reflects your needs for your particular situation. Just book in an onsite consultation here and we will get in touch!

Is the online estimate accurate?

The online estimates may not reflect the actual building cost as the final cost is dependent on the developed design. Our online estimate intends to gives you a good indication of what you could be paying for your selected requirements, and it is a good tool to understand our fees and what you are paying for.

My project has more than one project type (renovation and extension)

If your project falls under multiple project types, then we suggest to book in a consultation here for us to assess your requirements on site. We will give you a more personal assessment to cater for your needs and provide you with a more accurate fee proposal.

Why do consultations have fees?

Architects have a great understanding of the building process, much like lawyers, a part of our service is providing the wealth of experience and knowledge to our customers so they can make better informed decisions. Furthermore, our focus is providing the best service for our clients, therefore we charge for callouts and consultations to keep our fees low for our existing customers.

Do Plans Plus Permits do commercial fit-outs?

Yes, our staff have experience in commercial fit-outs. Feel free to ask for a fee proposal on our form here.

What does the setup fee (deposit) include?

Our service comes with a fixed fee deposit to kick start your project. The fee includes setting up of your online client portal and project management tools, as well as preliminary due-diligence such as site analysis, planning assessment, brief feasibility and programming a project timeline.

Can I cancel any time?

If you wish to no longer commit to your project, you can decide to terminate your contract with us at any time. Following the termination, all due fees and works done by us up to the day of termination must be paid in full.

Are there any refunds?

Unless you have paid an amount for a service which we have yet provided, we work under a no refund policy. Please feel free to read our terms and conditions before deciding to request our service.

How long will it take to complete my project?

We can help you determine an estimate timeframe for your project, but because in most cases we are not the only parties in control of delivering your project, we cannot guarantee you a time frame. We will certainly do our best to prevent any delays to deliver your project as fast as possible.

Why do I need other consultants?

Behind every building project is a team of experts in their respective fields. Architects make up one piece of the team as the design consultants and the coordinator, for which we conduct a team of specialists such as structural engineers, building surveyors and builders. Our fees do not cover external consultants.

What if I have a strict deadline?

If you have a strict deadline, we will help you strategize a method to get your project built in the required time frame. However, we can never guarantee the project will complete in the given deadline because in most cases we are not the only parties in control of delivering your project.

Do Plans Plus Permits build too?

Since we are not builders we do not build your project for you. But our services can extend into “Contract Administration” which means we will help you coordinate the building process for a better result. Read more about contract administration in our services page.

What If I don’t get my permits?

Whether it is a planning permit or building permit, architects are not the regulating authority to issue the permit, therefore there is always a chance that permits are not granted for one reason or another. At Plans Plus Permits we specialize in increasing your chance of obtaining a permit significantly, but in the off occasion that you don’t get your permit and wish to reapply, we can offer a lower fee for subsequent rounds of submissions.

How do I know if I need a permit?

Whether it is a planning permit or building permit, it is hard to determine if you require one for your project or not if you don’t have the right expertise. There are online documents freely available for anyone to check, but if you are not a professional, you may find it difficult interpreting it. It’s best practice to come talk to professionals like us to help you find out your requirements for a permit.

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