Why it is important to have architectural drawings for your building project

Why Architectural Drawing?

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, it is a common misconception that going straight to the builder is the fastest and the most cost-effective way to get your project built. Unfortunately, in most cases, it can not only take longer and cost you more money, but you can end up with something that you are not satisfied with.


Getting an architect to draw up your design is an important method for quality insurance and cost management. You may think it’s an unnecessary added cost to your project, but it’s a very small fee compared to the price you may pay for not having the right plans and permits during construction.


The benefits of having a drawing set for your projects are:

  • Getting a more comparative quote from builders
  • Save communication lead times
  • Ensure a certain level of quality
  • Save money by doing it right the first time
  • Peace of mind

Getting a more comparative quote from builders

When you are shopping for builders’ quotes, it’s important to make sure that your builders are all quoting from the same set of information. Without a set of drawings, you may resort to verbally passing on information to builders without realizing that each builder you have approached has interpreted your project differently. This will result in your quotes varying significantly and you may end up choosing a builder out of miscommunication (meaning that you could have hired a better builder for less if only you had given them the same drawings to refer to).

Plans Plus Permits specialize in documentation for tendering, so all the information a builder needs is in one set of documents. This will ensure your builders are all quoting off the same information giving you the best deal for exactly what you need.

Save communication lead times

Without a set of your projects drawings, your building process can be very time-consuming. Because architectural plans act as a set of instructions for the builder, not having one to refer to will mean that they will be asking you (the client) what to do for the most part of the construction process. Not only will the communication process itself will make construction inefficient, but it will take away a lot of your time just to keep the builders working.

Save money by doing it right the first time

If you believe in doing things right the first time will result in the best outcome financially and in quality, then it’s a no-brainer to have an architect on your building project. Building is a big investment so doing it right the first time should be a top priority. There are many risks involved in building projects that only Architects and qualified professionals are trained to foresee, without the right advice and documentation, you might as well flip a coin and hope your project doesn’t land on its head!

For a full service, the Architects fees can be an average of 10% of the construction cost, but without good advice and architectural drawings, you can easily end up overpaying your builders by more than 10%. You do the math!

Ensure a certain level of quality

There are many ways of building one thing. If you just say that you want a “golden toilet”, you can end up with a brass toilet with a “golden finish”, or a “golden” branded ceramic toilet or even a miniature gold toilet that’s just for decoration. It’s sometimes not enough to describe what you want in a project, so it’s important to have a set of design documents that leave no room for interpretation. Architectural drawing is not just some drawing for reference, but it is a binding contract document between you and the builder to ensure that you get everything in the drawing to a quality that you want.

Peace of mind

Above all, having architectural drawings for your project gives you that peace of mind. A building project is not an easy task and it requires knowledge, attention, risk management, and money. You should enjoy your journey to build a long-lasting space, so why not leave the hard bits to the professionals!