Premium Add-ons

At Plans Plus Permits, We offer the latest and greatest when it comes to design tools and presentation. We utilize technology that allows better decision making to ensures satisfaction in results so our clients can see and feel exactly what they have designed.

Photo Realistic 3D Renders

During the Sketch Design phase, we will produce a series high quality renders of your design. Renders are a great way to understand the materiality and feel of the project to better inform you of the aesthetic outcome to make better design decisions. If you really care about the quality of your project, then we recommend this add-on!

Premium Add-ons

Interactive 3D visualizer

At the end of the sketch and design development stage we will create your layout inside an interactive 3D visualizer. Walk through your design and even arrange furniture just the way you like it. It will give you a great virtual reality feel of your project so you can see exactly what you will be getting. You can access it right inside your web browser so you can take it anywhere you like – show your project off to your friends!

Check out the demo below. (best viewed on your computer)


Priority Queue

At Plans Plus Permits we work hard. We understand that some projects have short time frames, we also understand that you may not be able to contact us during business hours. This option was created because we want to do our best to meet our client’s demands.

With our Priority Queue Add-on you can take advantage of our extended business hours to make sure your project is completed faster and when it’s convenient for you.

Extended business hours

Monday to Friday – 9am to 10pm

Saturday – 10am to 4pm

Sunday – Closed